"Best Massage in Manhattan" by Modern Luxury Magazine
Jan/Feb 2013

“I’ve been coming to see Vanessa and she is fantastic. Probably the best massage I’ve ever had. Vanessa is prescriptive and focuses on problem areas. I highly recommend her and her music selection.” Sharmila C. 9/2019

“Had my first prenatal massage with Vanessa and it was the most wonderful experience. Perfect pressure and comfort level. Will be back even after I'm pregnant for a regular massage with her. Highly recommend Vanessa!!” Jeannie L. 1/2019

Vanessa is well, in my opinion the best.  I have been a customer of hers for years and she was finally able to get me to try the cupping massage.  I have to say that it has changed the game for me.  I carry all of my stress in my upper back (mostly shoulders) and I always feel so much better after a session with Vanessa.  She is simply the best - I highly recommend her at the risk of folks running in to see her and shutting me out of an appointment.  Love you Vanessa!” Zulma R. 7/2018

“Now for the best part.... the massage. AHHHHHHHHHHH!  I have gotten massages globally and this was definitely in the top 10.  Vanessa, my masseuse, was knowledgeable about my injury (i have a sore shoulder) and I walked out of there not only relaxed, but had more movement in my shoulder. A day later i am still feeling the positive effects of her work.  (THANK YOU Vanessa!).” Sue O. 6/2017

"Had a massage from Vanessa. She was awesome! I almost didn't want to write this review because I didn't want her becoming so popular that she wouldn't have time for me when I was ready for another visit. But hey, sharing is caring! Seriously, she's amazing! Can't wait to go again next month!" D. J. 10/16/2012

"A nice spa experience. Vanessa is a fabulous massage therapist."  Jaimee A. 7/21/2013

"We felt like newly born! The massage by Vanessa was really wonderful, I really liked her technique. It was a mixture of Thai pressure points, Balinese stroking and Lomi Lomi elbows. We were lucky to find such a great therapist in the middle of buzzing pre xmas NYC, right off times square. Will definitely be back! Thank you so much!" Tatiana K. 12/10/2012

"...has all the amenities you would expect from a 5 star Spa. The massage was excellent. Deep pressure on my sore neck muscles like I requested. I also chose to upgrade from the standard oils others have to an organic English Rose Oil. I loved it, the whole room smelled like fresh roses. Vanessa is a healing angel!"  Jenny J. 1/11/2014

"I get a lot of massages, and this was seriously the best. Thank you." Anne M. 6/2014

"This is really something I wish more people knew about. I need to do this more often." Ken T. 2/2015

"You are an angel. I feel amazing." B.N. 4/2015

“Cannot speak highly enough about Vanessa and the 90 minute Untie the Knot. She is amazing. I am someone whose back seems like it's made out of brick, and she knows exactly how to work things out. I feel like every time I go I learn about some new muscle I didn't realize was sore until she pointed it out. And she will give advice on exercises and things you can do to help in between treatments. My favorite massage therapist in NYC.” Angela M. 12/2016

“My favorite masseuse is Vanessa  as she is skilled in sports massage and knows how to get those sore and tight muscles to relax.  Genuine deep tissue massage. I just finished and feel rejuvenated.” Mary Jane R. 6/2016

“But the best is my masseuse, Vanessa.  I get regular deep tissue massages.  She offers suggestions on home stretches, even with a foam roller as I have one at home.  She finds all my tough knots.  And she's so friendly and nice.” Renee R. 4/2016

“Vanessa was very professional. Seemed like a medical massage.  Very targeted towards problem areas and really listened to my concerns. She asked me if I wanted to avoid getting oil in my hair--how cool is that. She washed her hands after touching my feet--awesome. She even made me a mimosa. And I got to sit by a fire with my cocktail--the old location didn't have THAT.” Kim M. 6/2016

“I have been a fan of massage therapy for most of my life. The quality of the therapists one encounters varies. Vanessa, at Pure, is easily one of the most talented I have ever come across.  She has healing hands and will skillfully work out any stubborn knots you may have.  The new facility is top notch and the staff is very helpful. For spa customers there is free access to the steam room and sauna (which has, a great view of Manhattan) at the connecting health club. A great way to further unwind after a world class massage.” Nick R. 2/2016

“I am not someone who has ever stopped to write a review before so this is my FIRST review on Yelp ever! I'm also not someone who treats myself to many massages... I love them, and can really use them, but I never take the time to treat myself! But my husband gifted me a massage at Pure Spa and I'm so happy he did... This was not just any massage, and Vanessa is not just any masseuse! I have struggled with pain my entire adult life and yet I like very deep work. Vanessa really listened to my concerns which can be a bit of a balancing act and instead of making my pain worse which has happened in massages in the past, she was able to give me that perfect combination of the deep tissue work I needed--working out the tightness around my joints--while still making it feel like a gentle relaxing dreamy massage. I walked out of there in a happy pain-free state. When you look at Vanessa, and see how kind and gentle she is, you cannot believe how strong she is! I'm a total convert, and plan to treat myself to more massages (and maybe even write more reviews on Yelp!)! And Vanessa is the reason why!!!” Susan M. 5/2016