Service Area for Cupping NYC Massage

Life is too short, and your daily grind is often too stressful, to skip an occasional pampering service. At Cupping NYC Massage, our licensed massage & cupping therapists have a fabulous array of treatment options designed specifically for you in Manhattan, Uptown, NYC, and throughout the NYC Metro area.

Whether you need a deep tissue massage to address a muscle issue or you just want to decompress after a hectic week with a relaxation or cupping treatment, our therapists have got you covered. Led by Vanessa Kuhn Denola, an LMT trained in luxury Five-Star Manhattan settings such as The Waldorf-Astoria’s Guerlain Spa, The New York Palace Hotel, and Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa on Fifth Avenue, our therapists understand how to eliminate stress from your life and your body.

We have therapeutic aromatherapy oil or premier body creams available for your session. Let yourself be pampered today by experts at Cupping NYC Massage.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying

“Vanessa brings a focus and an expertise to her work that I’ve rarely encountered in a massage therapist. Before the visit, my upper body was tight and my arm’s movement was limited. However, after an hour and a half with Vanessa my body felt light and tension free. Immediately I saw the change in my posture. Additionally, she took care of every detail of the session for me to fully enjoy it and relax. I highly recommend Vanessa to everyone.”

“Now for the best part…. the massage. AHHHHHHHHHHH! I have gotten massages globally and this was definitely in the top 10. Vanessa, my masseuse, was knowledgeable about my injury (i have a sore shoulder) and I walked out of there not only relaxed, but had more movement in my shoulder. A day later i am still feeling the positive effects of her work. (THANK YOU Vanessa!).”

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