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  • Reviewed By: Alex H.
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  • Comment: Okay. Stop what you’re doing and go book an appointment with Vanessa! My massage/cupping experiences with Ms. Denola have been some of the best of my life- this coming from a woman who has gotten one to two massages a month (when available) for various reasons for the last 5 years. I have seen Vanessa twice now, once right before quarantine, and once after- both times I had the best sleep of my life following the appointments. Vanessa is friendly, sweet, and takes a lot of care to prepare you before the appointment, and to follow up after. Cupping can be kind of intimidating, but Vanessa’s approach makes you feel like you’re at home, and your friend who happens to be highly trained in massage therapy just happens to be available for 90 min of body work. The space is lovely, and so it’s Vanessa’s way of curating a therapeutic experience that feels unique to me. She’s great at conversing, but there were definitely long stretches of time where I was face down, drooling into my mask, blissed out without a care in the world. Vanessa’s techniques leave me feeling that way long after I leave the studio. If you’re cupping/massage curious, or if you’re a highly seasoned massage-receiver, make an appointment with Vanessa Denola as soon as you can because it will open your body up in ways you simply cannot achieve through other methods. Thank you Vanessa!
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