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  • Reviewed By: Susan M.
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  • Comment: I am not someone who has ever stopped to write a review before so this is my FIRST review on Yelp ever! I’m also not someone who treats myself to many massages… I love them, and can really use them, but I never take the time to treat myself! But my husband gifted me a massage at Pure Spa and I’m so happy he did… This was not just any massage, and Vanessa is not just any masseuse! I have struggled with pain my entire adult life and yet I like very deep work. Vanessa really listened to my concerns which can be a bit of a balancing act and instead of making my pain worse which has happened in massages in the past, she was able to give me that perfect combination of the deep tissue work I needed–working out the tightness around my joints–while still making it feel like a gentle relaxing dreamy massage. I walked out of there in a happy pain-free state. When you look at Vanessa, and see how kind and gentle she is, you cannot believe how strong she is! I’m a total convert, and plan to treat myself to more massages (and maybe even write more reviews on Yelp!)! And Vanessa is the reason why!!!
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