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  • Comment: If you have had any reservations about having your own experience with Fire Cupping, you should book a session with Vanessa Denola at Sacred Waters in LIC. You are in good hands when you work with her. Her space is tranquil and I found myself calm down before she ever came into the room. I know her first as one of the standout students in my graduating class at the Swedish Institute, 2008. Since then she has studied and practiced Fire Cupping and has become quite effective employing it along with many other therapeutic table massage techniques. The most memorable parts of the treatments are always the times when she has already assembled an array of cups, and then before removing them, she moves me around into different shapes and jostles me a bit. The tension in the fascia that is created by the array seems to open space between the cells in the soft tissue and this space is extended even further by the careful and intuitive movements that she makes. I also like the warming and lengthening effects of a technique where she uses one cup, and FIRE in the other hand to repeatedly reset the cup while she drags it back and forth along fascial planes. This style is used when the client would need help in specific areas where the person would rather not have any purple marks on the skin after the session. Her space is easy to get to from my place in MidTown, so don’t stress the schlep, Sacred Waters is a quick trip on the subways.
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